Love, Death, and Chaos

One of the most important things we can do is begin to look with new eyes, to see what we might make of our lives that is good and possible.

Love, Death, and Chaos

The ideas of Ganga Devi Braun about ecology and regeneration were the focus during this week of Trimtab Space Camp with the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Humans Aren’t Evil

We are all descended from people who lived in right relationship and evolved together with nature.

Nothing Is Ever Lost

Life cycles through birth, growth, decay, and death.


Any obstacle that presents an opportunity.


Adopt the thought experiment to replace sustain, restore, and others with regeneration and see what happens in your mind when you imagine the world that would exist if we did use the word regeneration.

Trimtab Space Camp

Regenerative Culture

An excerpt from an article, Begin Living in a Regenerative Culture Today, by Ganga Devi Braun.

The Bad News

If you’re reading this then you likely know these things, but it’s worth getting on the same page. We’re surpassing planetary thresholds that are setting into motion exponential feedback loops of chaos. The wettest and coldest places on Earth are burning, and many of the fires have been set intentionally by humans driven by greed. We are waking up to the fact that the genocide of indigenous people is as much a reality today as it has ever been, and even with the leaders of the world’s governments assembled, it seems like very little radical change is likely to happen from the ‘top‘. We can’t wait for people in positions of power to wake up to this emergency, and we can’t count on them to act in the interest of all when they do.

The Good News

There is so much potential for meaningful connection, decentralized leadership, and mutual aid right now. We are able to understand now that the Earth is a living organism which has survived 5 mass extinction events and still be able to create tremendously diverse and miraculous life (including you). Recognizing the Earth’s intelligence, and the evolutionary impulse that continues to create new life, we have choices about what to do with the energy behind our horror, our anger, our grief, or even our numbness about the death and destruction human ‘civilization’ is wreaking for all of life.

Ok, that might not sound like great news, but in a moment when so many people are losing the will to even live because the chaos coming down the pike seems so frightening, one of the most important things we can do is begin to look with new eyes, to see what we might make of our lives that is good and possible.

To learn some things that you can put in motion to help transition humanity into a regenerative culture, continue reading Ganga Devi Braun’s article on Medium, How to Begin Living in a Regenerative Culture Today.

Why We Need Regeneration; Not Restoration // Ganga Devi Carina Braun